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The horse puppet is cute. He is attached to wood stick and two threads. This allows her perfect movement. He can graze, roll and walk. It just depends on the children's imagination. We have many color options but each piece is original. For the choice is important color of the body - white, brown or black. The mane will be a surprise. If you have specific requirements, please note. We will try to comply. Thank you.

The dimensions of the animal are about 27 x 20 x 10 cm.

Decorative item.
Made in Czech Republic.

Color Availability Price  Quantity
Horse - Color: Béžová Černá Skladem 690 Kč
Horse - Color: Béžová Béžová Skladem 690 Kč
Horse - Color: Béžová Bílá Skladem 690 Kč